70 years of wood processing in Finland

Our business has always been guided by a respect for nature and natural resources. We want to invest in the development of ecological products and services that are usefull for our customers. Our primary raw material is wood. Wood raw material is unquestionably better of its environmental impact that competing raw materials. These impacts are based on renewability of forests and sustainable forest management. Products made of wood are also durable and safe. In the end of the life cycle, products made of wood can be recycled and wasted safely.

Care of the environment is further reflected in selecting raw materials as well it plays significant role in production, storing and transportation processes. Raw materials are used effectively, and the wood waste generated in the end of the production chain is delivered to the local energy production plants to produce electricity and heat. Wood processing itself uses very little energy.

By choosing a product made of wood you safe sources of energy containing carbon.

In OR Group we are committed to our common values


We want to be worthy of your trust. All of our operations emphasize absolute honesty.


We believe that trust is engendered in a mutually subservient and long-term partnership.


Our quality policy emphasizes that we continuously innovate and improve our processes in the intrest of our customers. The most important success factor for us is professional staff to whom we aim to give a pleasant and safe workplace. The employees are given fair and equal opportunities in company operations.

Respect for the environment

We are committed to the principles of sustainable development and forest management in all our business operations. We want to look after that future generations have also possibility of forest utilization. PEFC certifications ensure that the wood comes from responsibly managed forests. More information about certificates >>