The OR Group is known as an expert on the woodworking industry. Our focus is on the industrial processing of wood and production of wood products.

The versatile product range consists of solutions for transportation and storing: plywood packages and wood packages with brand Savopak.

OR Group comprises of two family-owned companies Olavi Räsänen Oy and Savopak Oy.

Olavi Räsänen Oy

In 1946 the Industrial Counselor Olavi Räsänen founded a little joinery in the basement of a prayer-house behind Mikkeli Cathedral. There were produced skis and plywood boxes for sweets.  By the time Olavi Räsänen Oy was registered in 1962, the company was already manufacturing the pallets that are main products of Olavi Räsänen Oy also today. In the beginning of 1960 when Olavi´s son Raimo Räsänen (managing director 1974-2015) started working in Olavi Räsänen Oy, the company was producing wooden boxes for dairy and brewery industry products. In the beginning of 1960, there were huge amounts of birch wood raw material available in Finnish markets. Realising that  Olavi Räsänen started parquet production. In 1984 Olavi Räsänen Oy purchased Savopak Oy, that was also making wooden packages in Varkaus.

In 2015 when Kari Nikkanen took his new position as a managing director, wood packaging industry products has been major source of income. Today, being a part of the OR Group, Olavi Räsänen Oy is highly recognised as reliable and professional pallet and pallet collar manufacturer. Our production plant is located in Mikkeli, in the Seurala’s industrial zone. Pallets are being produced on three automated production lines.

Olavi Räsänen Oy sold its pallet business to Oplax Mikkeli Oy 20.9.2019. Oplax Oy will make significant investments in Mikkeli to further develop its operations, and it will also continue with opening new offices abroad.


Parla Floor Oy

Olavi Räsänen Oy started manufacturing of mosaic parquet in 1963. Parquets were marketed with two brand names, Parla for domestic markets and Fibi for German markets.

During 1970´s there were huge increase in building houses in Finland. Production quantities of parquet flooring increased as well. New parquets of excotic wood species started to interest buyers. The production lines were renewed in 1974, and with these automatizations parquet production was able to meet the increased demand.  Birch parquet was installed a lot also to gyms and event halls.  In 70´s oak parquet were favoured in homes.

After the mid 70´s board parquet was introduced to markets, and its demand increased fast. In 1978 Olavi Räsänen Oy started to manufacture board parquets as well. In year 2000 the production of mosaic parquet ended, board parquet had become the most popular choice for consumers in Finland and in Europe as well. The benefits of board parquet was/is its easiness and fastness when installing. The production of ParlaFix parquet started in 2004. Parla Floor Oy sold its parquet business to Timberwise Oy 28.10.2019.


Savopak Oy

Savopak Oy was founded in 1969. Today, as a member of OR group, Savopak is internationally well-known as a reliable partner offering a versatile range of packing products and services for the transportation and storage of goods. Manufacturing takes place at four production units in Finland.

The main products in our versatile product range are definitely high quality plywood and wood packages. Our wide-range of packaging services has been developed to accompany our packaging products.

Savopak plywood and wood packaging is being manufactured for the industrial and public sector. Special products such as cheese containers are used for curing Emmenthal and cut filler bins for storing of tobacco filler.

Our main exporting countries are nowadays Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Spain, Sweden and Norway. In these countries we have cooperating partners managing sales. Have a look at our sales network. Sales in other countries are managed by our export sales personnel in Finland.

Accuracy of the packaging chain is essential for the transportation and storage operations of industrial companies. Savopak ´s boxes and containers are being used to package products and components for the automotive, machine and electronics industries, as well as, other major industries such as mining, paper, chemical, construction and defence forces.