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The origin of raw material used in Olavi Räsänen Oy has been certified since 2003. Back then the sawn timber produced in Olavi Räsänen Oy was given right to use PEFC marks (PEFC/02-34-55). Later on in 2011 Olavi Räsänen Oy got PEFC certificate also for pallets produced in Mikkeli plant. Next year, 2012, also the Parla parquets produced by subsidiary Parla Floor Oy were certified (PEFC/02-31-197). Along with certifications we have committed to sustainable forest management and use.

Wood raw material has unquestionably a better environmental impact than competing materials. Environmental impacts are based on forests being a renewable energy source and sustainable forestry. The raw material used in products marked with PEFC comes from forests that are managed by following sustainable forest management and the origin of wood raw material is controlled with monitoring system.

The principles of our environmental policy:

Certificate numbers 2341-07 certifies that the origin of wood raw material conform to the requirements of following standards.


PEFC ST 2002:2013
PEFC ST 2001:2008

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Raw material classifications (Pallet production)

Sixth grade (c- sawn timber)    Highest quality of sawn timber used for packaging products. Sixth grade sawn timber is typically full-edged containing tolerable knots. Damages caused by insects are not permitted. Sixth grade sawn timber is used eg. in EUR and FIN pallets.

Dull-edged export quality (pl/vl)    Medium grade sawn timber used for packaging products. The dull-edge of the board is delimitted in half of the widthness and thickness. There are knots but they are small, bending strength is good.

Dull-edged domestic quality (pl/kl)    Lowest grade of sawn timber used for one-way pallets. Dimensional widthness and thickness of the board must qualify even thought dull-edges. Minor log blue accepted.

Birch board    Birch sawn timber used for pallets contains typically brown heart wood. The size of knots varies, normally their diameter is below 20 mm. After cutting the edges of the birch board components is added nail to prevent cracking. 

Plywood    Plywood is used for pallets that require long-term usage and extreme dimensional accuracy. Principally we use weatherproof birch plywood that is stronger than sawn timber. Top veneer determines the grade of plywood.